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Maybe you never thought it possible that you could borrow. But money does not lend a job while you are blacklisted!

If you want to borrow money, but do not have a job and you are also registered on the blacklist of the National Bank, you will have a lot of trouble. Banks prefer not to provide loans to people who suspect they are at great risk and therefore use a wide range of strict rules and selection procedures. However, there is a way to circumvent these conditions and to be able to borrow money without work while you are on the blacklist! We are talking about the mini credit here. With minicredit money is very easy and besides it costs you little effort!

Please view our payday loans for really bad credit


Payday loans for really bad credit is a special kind of loan that was created because so many people were unable to borrow from the bank, even if it’s only about borrowing small amounts. In this way, people who are on the blacklist get a chance to take out a loan. Minor credit is different from regular loans in the sense that you can only close these loans online. Closing online has many advantages. First, it takes little effort, you do not even have to leave the door for a loan. You also do not have to come by appointment or take account of opening hours. In addition, saving a loan online also saves a lot of time. Making a payday loan application for really bad credit via PaydayChampion costs only 5 minutes! You can always free yourself 5 minutes. You can make a loan application 24 hours a day, even in the evening or at the weekend!

How much money does not work when you are on the blacklist?

How much money can you exactly borrow without work while you are on the blacklist? You have to think of all amounts between 50 and 1000 euros. Exactly how high the loan is, you decide entirely yourself. So whether you want to take out a loan of 200 euros to organize a great party, 500 euros to buy the new laptop that is on offer or 700 euros for that old used car, it’s all possible. In addition, you can of course also choose to use the money to pay off your bills that have remained. What you do with the money is entirely up to you, you do not have to consult with the loan provider!

Money does not work when you are on the blacklist without conditions

As you have already read, there are not many conditions attached to money that does not lend a job while you are on the blacklist! So it does not matter whether you have a pay slip or other documents and it does not matter whether you are on the blacklist. The only requirements you have to meet are that you are at least 21 years old and have a monthly income. Healthcare allowance, student finance, and child benefit are also included under income, for example. That way there is always a possibility for you to quickly get money with a mini credit!

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